August ECA–Best Content | Facts About Non-Fiction: 3 Ways To Use Audiobooks To Become A More Desirable Employee

September 14, 2015

Congratulations to Melanie C, winner of August’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Content! See her article and a brief analysis below.







The author has done an excellent job of identifying a distinct audience: audiobook lovers who want to improve in the business world. This allows the author to provide very specific, relevant information. The author demonstrates her industry expertise by discussing three specific types of helpful audiobooks, providing reasons they are helpful in the business world, and backing up those reasons with citations and statistics.


In addition to short paragraphs and descriptive headings, the readability of this piece comes largely from the smooth transitions. The author uses phrases like “in fact” and “it’s also helpful to” that are conversational and that help move the piece along fluidly.


The organization of this piece is ideal for its audience. It is organized by the benefits readers can see, so readers can quickly skim the article for what is applicable to them and hone in on that information.


It’s a fact: the grammar is perfect.

Use Value

The use value of this article comes from the fact that it strives to solve a real issue (becoming a more desirable employee) in an innovative way (listening to certain audiobooks). It’s also very useful because it knows the audience: people who already like audiobooks. Thus readers are very likely to walk away from this article with information they will actually use and share.






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