April ECA—Best Article | 6 Analogies For A Safer, Closer Shave

May 11, 2015

Congratulations to Lorraine D, winner of April’s Editors’ Choice award for Best Article! Take a look at the article and the analysis below:

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The author takes something that is unfamiliar to the audience—shaving with a straight razor—breaks it up into six different elements, and compares each element to something familiar that any reader will know. Suddenly, shaving with a straight razor doesn’t feel so hard or so foreign. In this way the author expertly addresses her audience’s needs in a new, fun way. She shows that she understands not only her audience, but the process of learning something new.


The analogies certainly add to the readability of this article by helping the information flow and stay engaging. For example, “Prep Like A Salamander” is intriguing and immediately begs the question, “Why? What does a salamander have to do with shaving?” The section answers this question right away: “Salamanders need to be constantly moist, but prefer to not be submerged in water. You should take a lesson from them while prepping your skin and tools for shaving.” By presenting inviting headers that elicit questions and then answering those questions succinctly, the article flows smoothly from one sentence to the next.


The article delivers on it’s promise 100%; by the end, the reader has six clear analogies he can use as he practices shaving with a straight razor. The author presents the analogies in the order that the reader will need them, so the organization adds to the usefulness of the article.


Straight-up perfect; cutting-edge grammar.

Use Value

Each of the six analogies is useful for those new to straight razor shaving. As mentioned before, they are familiar, which makes it easy for the reader to understand how to apply them to shaving—easier than a simple description of the shaving process would be. The article is enjoyable to read, clear and well organized, and actionable. It is the kind of article a reader would use and share with others.

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