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Staunch and Stanch: Commonly Confused Words

September 21, 2017

It’s time for another pair of commonly confused words! Staunch and stanch sound alike but are spelled slightly different. And their meanings are not related at all. Take a look at these words.

Their Meanings

Staunch: an adjective meaning faithful, steadfast, loyal

Stanch: a verb meaning to stop or constrict the flow of something, usually blood

Their Usage And Some Examples


He was a staunch fan of DC Comics. She preferred Marvel. Everyone was surprised when they started dating.


She tried to stanch the blood from the wound while waiting for the ambulance.

Their Pasts

Staunch has experienced a little variety over the years, but stanch has remained the same.

Staunch: It used to mean “impervious to water.” So people would have said “a staunch ship.”

Stanch: Its meaning hasn’t changed over time. This word is still all about stopping the flow of blood.

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