February ECA—Best Article | Pica Chew: Why Your Cat Is Obsessively Chewing Your Stuff

March 4, 2015

Congratulations to Sarah F, winner of February’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Article! See the analysis below.

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  • Vertical: Veterinarians
  • Country: United States






The author does an expert job of explaining a medical condition in a succinct way that is interesting and clear for the average online reader. She thoroughly explains pica, some variations of the condition, signs of pica, some causes of it, and possible treatments. This thorough explanation establishes the author’s expertise but the author keeps it simple enough that it is not overwhelming to the reader.


This article is broken up well into several sections and short paragraphs, which makes it easy to read. The bulleted list adds variety to the formatting, and the paragraph breaks come at very natural points, at transitions like “However.” The author avoids filler sentences and words, so the article keeps the reader’s interest and flows smoothly.


The author hooks the reader’s attention by starting the piece with questions that might apply to the reader: “Have you given your cat toys, food and treats only to find that she’s still nibbling on your grocery bags or shoelaces? Maybe she has a strange tendency to suckle on your favorite sweater or even on you.” Once the reader realizes that this article directly relates to his situation, he’ll want to keep reading.

The introduction outlines the organization of the piece (“This guide will explain what pica is, what could be potentially triggering or worsening it in your cat, and what you can do about it.”). The reader knows right away if the rest of the article will address his concerns, so he has more confidence in the author.

It is also important to note that the author focuses on the signs of pica before she delves into the causes and cures. This follows the reader’s natural train of thought: Does my cat have pica? Is it dangerous? What causes it? Okay, what can I do about it? So the organization is very natural and effective.


Chew know it’s perfect.

Use Value:

This article doesn’t take a humorous angle or an overly creative one; it treats the topic in a simple, straightforward way. It is the narrow angle and the detailed treatment of the topic that make this piece a 5-star article. The article has high use value because it deals with one specific problem that the reader’s cat might have, and it addresses the problem thoroughly. By the end of the article, the reader knows the signs to look for, the causes of pica, and what he can do if his cat shows signs of pica. The article is actionable and answers all the questions that are within the scope of the angle.

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