July ECA—Best Article | When Lucky Ladybugs Become An Unfortunate Infestation In The Home

August 6, 2015

Congratulations to Tracie A, winner of July’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Article! See her article below, along with a brief analysis.

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  • Country: United States
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Much of the authority of this article comes from the details. The author even provides extra details like “They eat soft-bodied insects that harm vegetation” that show she is familiar with these insects. Additionally, the tips given are detailed enough that the article answers the questions it raises, making the article feel complete and helpful throughout.


The article is broken up into short sentences and paragraphs, making it easy to read. The headers are clear and helpful, and there are smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs, allowing the reader to focus on the information rather than the writing.


This article is organized logically: three methods of ladybug removal are mentioned and then tips for ladybug infestation prevention are listed. This makes sense because the reader will need to remove the ladybugs before worrying about preventing another infestation.



Use Value:

The narrow angle allows this article to go into depth and be very useful for readers. It attacks one specific problem: removing and keeping out ladybug infestations. The article stays focused on this the whole time and gives the reader very specific and usable tips. This is something readers could share with anyone who has a ladybug infestation.


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