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July ECA Best Content: Let Them Eat…What? 3 Delicious Alternatives To Wedding Cake

August 17, 2017

Read Erin’s delicious article and find an analysis below.


Vertical: Food & Cooking

Keyword: assorted truffles




The article’s authority mainly comes from the attention to detail, though it still remains concise and easy to understand. The language matches the intended audience while each section thoroughly explains why other dessert options work for receptions. The writer clearly demonstrates an understanding of the audience’s needs. Overall, the article covers the main questions or concerns someone may have over picking these cake alternatives.


The article sticks to simple formatting and language, which means the flow works and there’s no concern over disjointed ideas. The writing itself never veers from being completely accessible, and the basic organization fits perfectly with the article’s focus or purpose. No reader gets lost along the way.


You can’t go wrong with an introduction and 3 supporting points (as long as you elaborate properly and use reliable transitions throughout). In this case, each idea flows seamlessly to the next. In addition, ending with the section on doughnuts may not seem that meaningful, but by ending the article with a cake-like alternative, it’s as if the article is saying, “Enjoy these two true alternatives, but if you really feel attached to pastry options, try doughnuts.” It works great. Overall, any reader should be able to imagine how they could incorporate one (or maybe even all) of the wedding cake alternatives at their own reception.



Use Value:

Who doesn’t want to offer food at their wedding reception that will be well liked and well remembered? Surely guests have gotten tired of cake by the end of every wedding season. This article taps into that audience and helps readers understand that wedding cake isn’t the only way to enjoy sweet treats. With these wedding cake alternatives, customization options abound. Those reading the article for help in planning their dessert menu find great jumping off points.


For a wedding catering keyword, writing about desserts for a reception would have been the obvious choice, but for a general keyword such as “assorted truffles,” writing about alternatives to wedding cake becomes a creative approach. More and more people are abandoning traditional wedding cakes, and this article provides useful insight into how different foods could be incorporated at a reception while still staying on topic for the keyword and vertical pairing.

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