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July ECA Best Content Runner-Up | Winter Air Conditioner Maintenance: A Quick Guide for Renters

August 17, 2017

Check out Amber’s article and its analysis below.


Vertical: HVAC Contractors

Keyword: air conditioning repair




The article focuses on a specific audience of renters trying to maintain an air conditioning unit. Many articles focus on homeowners, but not as many focus on people renting properties. Ultimately, each section provides information specific to renters, which enhances the authority of the piece as a whole.


With any repair or maintenance article, you run the risk of getting too technical, even when your chosen audience seemingly has no experience in the related industry. This article relies on conversational and descriptive language to give readers a heads up about how to perform basic maintenance without getting in trouble with the property owner or landlord.


The article starts off with two actions renters can take on their own, helping them gain perspective for what they might be able to do on their own. The final section on calling in professionals reminds them that ultimately renters shouldn’t do too much of their own AC or HVAC maintenance. The progression of ideas isn’t complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.



Use Value:

It’s winter in Australia right now (and when the article was submitted), so the piece offers a useful timeliness. Beyond that, it includes specific details renters want or need to know. Each supporting point solidly connects back to the controlling idea and the audience, and each suggestion is easy to follow.


The topic of HVAC maintenance will never be glamorous, but it’s still important for renters to understand. The first two section headings in particular utilize a play on words to draw readers in and help bring further interest to the topic. In the end, what sets this article apart is the narrow audience with key points in each section that apply specifically to that group of readers.

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