March ECA—Best Article | 3 Ways Flowers Can Boost Profits for Your Small Business

April 8, 2015

Congratulations to David M, winner of the March ECA for Best Article! Here’s the article, with an analysis below:

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  • Vertical: Florists
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The author uses statistics and citations well to add authority to this piece. For example, he does not merely say that plants boost creativity, he says they can boost creativity “by a staggering 45%.” This makes the piece stronger both because 45% is a substantial amount when it comes to creativity and because adding this number lets the reader know that the author has done his research. Readers are much more likely to have confidence in an article that has clearly been researched.

The links included in this piece are very useful. Each linked article to goes into more depth about the phrase that is hyperlinked. The reader can spend time reading extra information about lavender and greenery if he wants, but he doesn’t have to in order to understand this article.

It’s clear that the author used information from several sources and compiled what he learned into one article, rather than trying to summarize one article in his own words (which should never be done). This makes the article truly original, inspiring further confidence from the reader.


The article is broken up into short paragraphs and sections for easy reading, and the headers are descriptive. The introduction is slightly longer than some, but it does not affect the readability of the piece because the author immediately draws the reader in by talking directly to him and being specific about his audience. We know from the very first line that this is addressed to business owners.

The variety in sentence structure also increases the readability of this piece. For example, in the introduction the author uses a question-and-answer format: “But what can you do to make your office or workplace a nicer space? You can start by filling it up with plants and flowers.”


All of the points made in this article will be interesting and valuable to business owners, and the order the points are presented in isn’t necessarily important. However, the author is clever to put the information about creativity first. This point is arguably the strongest because of the statistic, and business owners are typically the type to want to get right to the point and see strong results.

The next point is good—what business owner doesn’t want employees that are less stressed?—but it isn’t quite as strong as the first or the last. So it was smart to put this information after the first point and to end strong with information about the number of sick days. An actual number or statistic isn’t given, but even the mention of numbers will make this section intriguing to this particular audience.

Starting and ending with the strongest points helps this article keep the reader’s interest.


The article blossoms with an arrangement of words and punctuation that is quite pleasing to the eye.

Use Value:

This article addresses a major concern of any business owner: how to boost profits. And it does so in an unexpected and very helpful way. Most readers will not think that flowers have much effect on profits. But the author supports his claim every step of the way by including details and facts. He also draws connections in every section between the effect of flowers on workers and the subsequent effect on profits. For example,”Creativity is the cornerstone of any successful business because it is out-of-the-box solutions and points of difference that enable companies to gain competitive advantage.”

It is clear that the author knows his audience and the purpose of his article, and he delivers useful information from beginning to end.

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