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November Best Content | Make Your Housing Development More Attractive By Accounting For These Trends

December 14, 2017

Congratulations to Devi for her fascinating article on real estate trends! Excellent work! Check out the article and its analysis below.


Vertical: Real Estate

Keyword: real estate consultant services




The writer establishes authority by providing readers with specific and detailed information that is well-supported through citations where necessary. They also relay their ideas in a clear, casual way that is accessible to readers and provide thorough arguments and background for the trends they explore.


The article is clearly and cleanly organized, and the writing flows nicely. The writer’s use of headers and paragraphs helps to move readers through the article without being overwhelmed. Overall, the article is easy to scan and follow along with.


The writer sets the piece up with a brief introduction that’s to the point and deals directly with the topic. The article also ties each subsequent idea back to their main controlling idea and the ideas are cohesive.



Use Value:

The writer hones in on a specific audience and provides useful information that’s tailored to their needs. In addition, they provide compelling arguments for why the reader should take the information into account based on current trends in society. The timeliness of the topic increases the use value, as well.


Real estate articles often explore trends, but by focusing in on current statistics and trends that are affecting two prominent generations as they age, the writer creates a new spin that provides the target audience with a lot to think about as they make investment decisions.

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