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November Best Content Runner-Up | Is It Okay to Drink Alcohol After Having a Tooth Extracted?

December 14, 2017

Congratulations to Richard for his interesting dentistry read! Well done!


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The writer does a great job of supporting their claims, both through specific information and statistics, making the piece more authoritative. They also relay their ideas in a clear way, while still being accessible to readers and relaying helpful information.


The article is nicely organized and flows well. Overall, the article is easy to scan and follow along with.


The writer sets the piece up with a brief introduction on why readers might be considering a beer after an extraction, with the promise of following up on why it would be problematic. They also follow through with the controlling idea in a cohesive manner and the headers highlight the main points of the article, allowing readers to access the information quickly and easily.



Use Value:

The points are well supported, which increases the use value. Additionally, the piece covers a topic that readers may not have considered as possibly affecting their oral health but which can have a negative impact; this also makes the information more useful.


The piece does a nice job of adding a new spin to a typical dentistry topic by honing in on how a common substance in many homes can affect readers’ recovery from dental surgery.

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