November ECA Best Content | Holiday Air Travel: Some Tips for Avoiding Trouble

December 7, 2015

Congratulations to Wynter R., winner of November’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Content! See her article and the analysis below:


November ECA Content Winner



Keyword: criminal lawyer

Business Category: Criminal Attorneys







The author has done a great job addressing a specific audience: people who plan to travel with marijuana or alcohol. Focusing on such a narrow audience, and making it clear who the audience is very early on in the piece, helps ensure readers know that the piece will include specific and actionable examples of how to travel with these more unorthodox items. By including specific examples of the consequences of traveling with these items incorrectly, and backing up each example with a citation, the author demonstrates her expertise. These examples also help to specifically address the audience’s questions and concerns about what might happen if these items aren’t taken care of properly while traveling.


Split into just two sections, the piece is easy to read and understand because the paragraphs are all fairly short and the flow of ideas is guided by transitions and logical thought.


The piece is organized in a fairly basic manner, but a topic that can be quite complicated doesn’t need complex organization. Each paragraph helps address a specific question or concern of the audience without overwhelming readers with an abundance of information.



Use Value:

Because of the recent legalization of marijuana in some states, the piece covers a trending topic in the legal industry, which increases its use value. And with holiday travels in full swing, thoroughly addressing some of the ins and outs of traveling with alcohol also gives the piece a timely feel. Those things combined with the in-depth nature of the article make the information both useful and valuable to the audience.


The controlling idea of this piece takes a fairly general keyword (criminal lawyer) and integrates it with real world situations that are particularly relevant to the time of year. Even though the piece doesn’t address how a criminal lawyer would help someone arrested for possessing marijuana or traveling with alcohol incorrectly, the piece makes it clear that the related laws could land someone in need of legal services. By explaining some of the laws surrounding these items, and including real scenarios that have played out involving them, the audience is better prepared to travel and potentially obtain a lawyer if something goes wrong.

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