September ECA—Best Content: 3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Fear Skin Cancer (And One You Do)

October 8, 2015

Congratulations to Nicole H, winner of September’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Content! Read her article and a short analysis below.


Sept ECA Content Winner







One thing that adds authority to a piece is the author’s knowledge of the audience. The clue that this author knows her audience is the angle she takes. She knows the “C word” already freaks them out, so she sets out with a different purpose: to help readers stop freaking out. This immediately engages readers and makes them want to trust her. The author also supports her claims with statistics and links, both of which increase authority.


This article is easy to read because it is broken up into easily digested paragraphs and bulleted lists. Also, the first three headers follow the same pattern, helping the reader stay focused and know what to expect.


The article 100% delivers on the promise of the title: it gives readers three things to not panic about, and one thing to worry about a little. This is a good organization for this type of article; it helps the reader feel a little more comfortable before they have to worry. By the time the reader gets to the last section, they trust the author and can channel any worries they have into just one type of skin cancer, not all of them.



Use Value:

This article is useful because it not only gives readers three good reasons not to worry (which every reader will appreciate) and one thing to watch out for, it also gives tips for recognizing cancer. The piece is detailed enough that it doesn’t leave the reader with unanswered questions and gives them a good starting point for learning more about skin cancer.

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