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October 8, 2014

Here is the winner of the September Editors’ Choice Award for Best Article. Congratulations Cheryl!

  • Keyword: dentist
  • Vertical: Dentist
  • Country: Canada

eca september best article




The author uses several specific facts throughout the piece to back up his claims. For example, “Propolis is a mix of resin, beeswax, and enzymes that the bees secrete, and the bees use it to seal cracks in their hives and as a sterilizing agent that protects the hive from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.” From this kind of detail it is obvious that the author has done his research. Still, the author maintains a conversational tone that engages the reader.


The short headings help break up the text and clearly introduce the section that follows each one. The paragraphs and sentences vary in length, which helps the text to be engaging.


The organization of this piece works well. Each section is a separate dental problem. The reader can easily skim the article to find the information he wants. At the end, the author mentions one final benefit of propolis: fresh breath. Including this in the conclusion was fine because there’s not much to say about this. Creating an entire section on this idea would be too much.


Practically perfect in every way.

Use Value:

The unique angle of this piece plus its universality are what makes it so useful. Very few dental articles treat this topic; it’s something that many readers will not have heard of. But any reader can benefit from propolis in some way, even just to freshen their breath. Thus, any reader can find value in this piece.

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